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The first delivery repair service in Seattle

Patriarch Mobile is a unique and incredibly convenient method of getting your instrument in peak performance​.

Are your strings feeling a bit rusty? Are chords too hard to hold down? Chances are your instrument is feeling the bitter sting of set-up neglect, and just like your body, without the proper love and care, its health may start to decline. 

Patriarch Mobile is your personal "house call" doctor for your precious investments. We believe in preventative measures and routine maintenance to keep your instrument healthy and ready for the next show.

Ranging from routine restrings and instrument set-ups to triage focused complete re-frets, crack repairs and complete rebuilds, Patriarch Mobile works to help you play the music that matters.


Patriarch Mobile Guitart Repair offers a very unique system of servicing to get your guitar back to life. We offer in house repairs  brought directly to you using our mobile repair benches, only requiring a few feet to set up. Average setups take between 30-60 minutes per guitar to complete. 

We also offer a pick up and drop off service sent directly to you. We shedule a pick up, transport the instrument to our shop where the work is performed, and after pollishing and packaging we will have it returned to you at your convenience.


Electric | Acoustic | Bass          $75

Floyd Rose | 12 String               $90


Fret Dress                                $130

Fret Replacement(Per Fret)     $10

(+Fret Dress)

Complete Refrets

Unbound                                $300

Bound                                     $325

Maple                                      $350

Stainless Steel | Gold EVO    +$80


*Includes Setup

* Some instruments will require the nut to be replaced to compensate for a higher fret profile. 


Tuning Key Install                 $20

Tuning Key Modification     $40


Pickguard Install

Les Paul                                   $20

Tele | Strat                               $30

Acoustic                                  $15

Strap Buttons | Locks             $10

Bridge Replacement              $25+

Floyd Rose Install                 $275

Nuts & Saddles

Bone Nut                                 $120

Bone 12 String Nut                 $140

Bone Saddle(Compensated) $100

*Includes Setup

*Setup includes polishing frets, oiling fingerboard, adjusting truss rod, action at bridge and nut, pickup height, tightening tuners and all hardware, re-stringing, cleaning and lubricating electronics, and intonation by strobe tuner


*Setup guaranteed for 90 days


*Strings and parts are an additional cost


Complete Rewire

Strat | Tele                                    $110

Les Paul                                       $140

Pickup Install

One Pickup                                 $40

Two Pickups                               $50

Three Pickups                            $60

Acoustic Pickup                         $75


Switch | Pot                                 $25

Output Jack                                $20

Structural Repairs

Headstock Repair                     $150+

Bridge Reglue                           $150+

Brace Repair                               $90

Crack Repair (Per Inch)             $20

Body Routing               Hourly Rate

*Structural repairs do no include cosmetic finish "touch up". Contact for quote on lacquer repairs.

*All repairs are subject to price change. No additional work will be perfromed without customer consent.

*Prices do not include cost of parts, strings or WA 9.5% sales tax.

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